Clean Your Snotty Nose With Luxurious $100 Tissues From Daishowa First

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There is nothing in this world Japanese wouldn’t try to make beautiful, as we now know they’ve invaded the world of tissues. Daishowa First, a paper company in Japan has made a tissue box that will cost you $100, which in our mind qualify as a bona-fide luxury item. If you have cash to burn, this is a golden opportunity to clean your snotty nose or oily temple in the most luxurious way.

The soft and luxurious tissues named “Juunihitoe” in honor of the twelve-layered traditional Japanese kimono come in 12 different colors. Tissue colors are named after flowers, wood and other natural colors. Color list goes like this sakura (pink), ake (scarlet), suo (sappanwood red), tachibana (mandarin orange), nanohana (mustard), wakamidori (verdant green), naeiro (seedling green), tokiwa midori (evergreen), wasurenagusa (forget-me-not), ruri (lapis lazuli), kikyo (Japanese bellflower), and fuji (wisteria).

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Each tissue box contains 144 (288 sheets) stylishly wrapped. Rocket News has described them as “vibrantly dyed, soft, delicate, with a quality feel, as only Daishowa First can do justice to.” At $100 (¥1,000) they should look pretty enough for customers to feel guilty about using them to clean their snotty noses anyway.

Daishowa First has a wide array of fancy tissues other than the luxurious “Juunihitoe” range. This gives you more options to consider if $100 tissue is not your cup of tea. Let me also add this would be a great companion tissue for that million dollar gold toilet paper you bought from Australia.

Daishowa First tissue 2


Source: Rocket News

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