Cire Trudon Scented Candles For Valentine’s Day

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Chocolates, champagnes and pricey dinners are not the only things to have for a Valentine’s Day romantic evening. Luxury scented candles are one of the best ways to add more spice to the special day. For that we have Parisian candle maker with 370-years of experience in making candles for the royal court at Versailles – Cire Trudon. Maison de Cire Trudon founded in 1643 is the world’s oldest candle making factory in the world and their products are referred to as the Rolls Royce of candles.

Timed perfectly for the Valentine’s Day, the company has released two new gift boxes with six of its best-selling fragrances. All Cire Trudon candles come in handblown glasses with regal gold-foil labeling.

Revolutionary Scents – $160 Cire Trudon - Scented Candles 1

Three uplifting scents light the way of hope and change. The three 3.5-ounce candles have notes of rose, grapefruit, clove, and jasmine and are sold in an elegant red-and-gold gift box. Three fragrances include Prolétaire, Ernesto and  Abd El Kader.

Royal Scents – $160 Cire Trudon - Scented Candles 2

Three opulent scents recall the magnificence of the Grand Siècle, when Louis XIV reigned supreme. The three 3.5-ounce candles have notes of galbanum, cyclamen, hyacinth, rose, white flowers and musk. The three fragrances Trianon, Solis Rex and La Marquise are sold in an elegant white and gold gift box.


Source: Cire Trudon 

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