Circu Rocky Rocket Chair And Sky B Plane Bed For Serioulsy Rich Kids

Circu Rocky Rocket And Sky B Plane

We know for a fact Portuguese furniture-maker Circu is expert at making magical children’s furniture. Most of their design inspirations come from Disney movies, fairy tales and some straight from TV cartoons. They have designed a whole bunch of them and we have covered few of the items on this blog already (hop over to related articles below). The truth is you never get tired of writing or looking at them, so here’s a look at two more of their funky items – Rocky Rocket spaceship chair from Tintin and Sky B Plane bed from the movie “Planes”.

First up is Rocky Rocket. Design inspiration for this red and white rocket chair comes straight from Tintin Destination Moon episode. In the story, Professor Calculus sent Tintin and Captain Haddock to the moon on a rocket designed exactly like this one. For kids these days, if the story is about rockets and space travel, their imaginations run wild with stories about Space Ranger hero Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

The Rocky Rocket is made from a combination of materials – fiberglass, wood and velvet with finishes in glossy varnish and gold leaf. For adventurous tech-savvy kids, there are plenty of buttons to push. No kidding – Rocky Rocket has its own mobile app to control light and sound system that inlaces choice of music, light effects and sleep time. To hide away valuables, four engines acts as storage compartments, there is also secret drawers in the staircase (to hide sweets and pocket money). This has a price tag that stretches into the stratosphere – $27,970.

If the stratosphere is too high to tackle, stay close home by sleeping on the Sky B Plane. This always sunny yellow and white bed is inspired by the grumpy old biplane Leadbottom of the movie. If anything, a bed in his name to rest is not something workaholic Leadbottom is going to appreciate. This too is made from a combination of fiberglass, rubber, stainless steel and wood with chrome plated and glossy varnish finish. This too comes with plenty of storage space, those suitcases are not just decorative, they do double duty as drawers and steps to get on the bed. This too has a sky-high price tag – $26,300.

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