World’s Most Expensive Christmas Card Adorned With Rubies Costs $5,000

World's Most Expensive Christmas Card

Made from calfskin and adorned with precious stones, this Christmas card will not be in the pile that goes to the wastepaper basket on the first week of January. A creation of Florida and New Jersey based card maker Gilded Age Greetings, World’s Most Expensive Christmas Card takes over a month to create and come with a $5,000 (£6,395) price tag. It’s a bit too late to order yours today, however bookmark their page for your next year’s Christmas list must haves.

The hand crafted card feature designs painted in 23 karat gold on hand hewn calfskin vellum (a type of medieval parchment also used on high-end upholstery and furniture) imported from Germany. A special edition, the Grand Couture collection is set with stones – precious and semi-precious that include amethyst, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, green and red garnets.

World's Most Expensive Christmas Card

Each card comes in a specially made silk presentation box that consists of documentation including the title for the card, a list of stones and materials and a history of illumination as it applies to the card. All documents are signed by the artist. Keep in mind cards are customizable, so you can choose a custom greeting as well as decorations. Company also offer the option have your signature inscribed by their master penmen.

World's Most Expensive Christmas Card

If $5,000 cards are out of your league you can chose from Gilded Age Greetings other collections too. Pricing starts from $375.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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