The $1,750 Luxury Dog Bed Chateaux Niche #008 Is Inspired By French Royalty

Chateaux de la Pooch Niche #008

A Palace of Versailles for your pooch. Or is this just a Chateaux? Either way, your favorite pooch is going love this bed that doubles up as a dog house. Designed and created by Virginia-based Chateaux de la Pooch, this is part of their French design-inspired luxury pooch bed collection. Opulent dog beds became a favorite among French royals around the 14th century. Records show both Queen Consort Clemence de Hongrie and Marie Antoinette spoilt their canine friends with these simple luxuries. This specific model named, Niche #0008 giving you the chance to spoil your pooch the same way royals spoilt theirs.

Chateaux de la Pooch Niche #008

The handmade Niche #008 dog bed is all about luxury and opulence. Among other things it features decorations on the outside – red tulips made from cut velvet. It also has a red velvet ottoman top – if your pooch is adventurous enough, it can jump up and sit on it. Inside there is a plush and comfy mattress for the puppy to rest its head on after a long day of running around. The entire installation sits on a wood base made of dark-stained poplar. The sides and the entrance feature tiny bead decorations made of same poplar wood.

Your pooch will be happy to make Niche #008 its own little nook at your home. Measuring 22.5W x 22.25D x 20.5H, it not only offer plenty of room for your dog but perfectly sized to place it most anywhere at home. On their website, Chateaux de la Pooch offer several models to choose from at different price points. The Niche #008 has a $1,750 price tag, shipping, and other expenses not included. It is okay to assume that it is possible to place orders for fully customized beds – for a price.


Source: Luxury Launches

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