Château de Versailles Gets A Swarovski Crystals Chandelier

The Château de Versailles received its first contemporary artwork, a Swarovski crystals chandelier designed by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to illuminate the Gabriel staircase. A dinner was held at the Château to celebrate the debut of the chandelier by Swarovski.

On their way to dinner at the Galerie des Batailles, the guests were able to sneak peak and take pictures of King’s Grand Apartment, including Marie-Antoinette’s rooms.

Château de Versailles - Swarovski chandelier 4

The 40 ft. chandelier, weighing 1,100 pounds is suspended from château’s ceiling in loops. It is made from three interchanging threads of hundreds of Swarovski crystals illuminated by LED lights.

Speaking to the gathering Ronan Bouroullec said: “This chandelier has been quite a challenge on several levels.” Added Nadja Swarovski “[The Bouroullec brothers] are all about details, precision, and perfection.”

Bouroullec brothers demonstrated to guests the mechanics of turning the lights of the chandeliers from powerful to dim.

One of the guests quipped “I’d like to see chimpanzees hanging on it,” while another said he would like to have a mini Gabriel chandelier for his own staircase.

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Source: WWD

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