A Champagne Coupe Stack To Welcome New Year’s In Style

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Not everything need to be priced sky-high to call them a luxury or a high-end item. You can say hello to 2015 by pouring champagne down a set of glasses that are very affordable – just $110 (£89.99). The Coupe Stack from VeryFirstTo also double up as a perfect New Year’s Eve gift. The six glass champagne tower is a creation of Barny Macaulay and its design has an interesting story that goes back to British Raj.

Macaulay’s inspiration for the Coupe Stack is a family heirloom his great grandfather received from the Maharaja of Cooch Behar (West Bengal) when he served as the Chief Justice of Burma. The original stack named the Tower of Cooch Behar consisted of eight glasses that rested on the flat base of each glass below. The Coupe Stack employs a patent pending ledge inside that ensures glasses stay still and safe when stacked. When poured the champagne flows down to create a bubbly waterfall. A 75 cl bottle of champagne can fill the entire tower. According to Macaulay this is the first instance a champagne tower is created for mass market.

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The Coupe Stack is one of the in-demand items this holiday season for VeryFirstTo. To add a bit more cheer, company plans to give one random lucky buyer of the stack, a bottle of Cuvée Hyménée form the Perfect Cellar. The Hyménée is a creation of two friends Laurent Tendil and Stéphane Lombardi, the label is already a favorite of Sophia Loren and top restaurants in France.

There are so many mythical stories about the origin of the coupe, most famous of them all is that it was modelled after the breast of Marie Antoinette. There are also stories about the origins of the champagne stack. Most famous among them is that at the end of World War II, Allied soldiers looking for rest came across a cellar full of champagne bottles. The rambunctious lot then started to stack glasses and pour champagne from the top to celebrate the war victory.

Made in France, The Coupe Stack is now available online at VeryFirstTo. Delivery is free for UK customers, while shipping charges for other regions is between £15 and £30.
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Source: VeryFirstTo

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