Is Chad Michael’s Gold Painted Business Card The Most Beautiful In The World?

Chad Michael Business Card

This could be the most beautiful business card in the world, so very wow-inducing. I would love to have a business card like this. Beautifully designed business card with intricate gold work belongs to Chad Michael, a Texas-based designer. Michael has a very interesting career, he makes a living designing logos and labels for high-end liquor companies and their products. His client list includes liquor companies such as Native Nectar who makes organic vodka, Old Town Distilling and Trautwein Distillery Company, a German whiskey brand.

The inspiration for his business card design comes from vintage whiskey bottles. As he explains on his website “I wanted to make obvious my scrutiny for detail and give a small nod to what I love designing most, liquor design. In the end, I wanted the business cards in particular to be something that you couldn’t simply tuck away in a wallet and one where you couldn’t bring yourself to throw it away.”

Chad Michael Business Card

Michael’s design philosophy revolve around three keywords “Passionate, Meticulous, and Conceptual”. When he designed his business card he made sure to pay attention to where the logo is placed, size of the card and print finish. This extreme attention to details meant not just checking spellings on the card, he was constantly in contact with the printer to get it done just the way he wanted it. Luckily he found a capable printer in Studio On Fire, they can do everything from hot foil stamping to paying attention to detail, just like him. The end result is what you see here, if you look closer you’ll notice even the card edge is painted in gold – that is very impressive.

Chad Michael Business Card Chad Michael Business Card Chad Michael Business Card Chad Michael Business Card

Source: Chad Michael Studio

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