Brikk Luxury Dog Harness – A $10,000 Diamond Studded Pooch Accessory

Brikk Dog Harness

Brikk is known for making some of the most expensive and extravagant iPhones in the world – almost all of them are gold-plated from top to bottom or solid gold. Guess what, they are spreading wings. Brikk has teamed up with Canada’s Buddy Belts to create a limited edition version of their famous Buddy Belt Harness. The Lux Buddy Belt Dog Harness, made from premium grade black stingray leather also has an under layer made from ultra-soft lambskin. The harness commands a hefty price, having gold and diamonds on it however justifies the asking price.

The Lux Buddy Belt Harness comes plated with 24 karat yellow gold and encrusted with diamonds. Not any diamonds, they use Color De Clarity VVS Natural Conflict Free Diamonds that weigh roughly one karat. The harness decorations includes Brikk’s signature heptagon studs with a diamond tip and a diamond encrusted buckle.

Brikk Dog Harness

No other luxury company offer this type of matching accessories for your phone as well as for your dog.  The Lux Buddy Belt Harness is available from sizes 1-10, sized to fit your Chihuahua and the German Sheppard. Priced according to their size, 1-4 sizes cost $7,000 and 5-10 will set you back $10,000. Each harness comes in custom Brikk packaging.

Brikk Dog Harness Brikk Dog Harness Brikk Dog Harness Brikk Dog Harness Brikk Dog Harness


Source: Luxury Launches

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