Limited Edition Boom-art Triptych Surfboard Series Celebrates European Art

“European art history celebrated on surfboards?” you may ask. Yes, they are. Limited edition skateboard maker from France, Boom-art has teamed up with one of Europe’s premier surfboard makers, UWL Surfboard to design and create two sets of collector’s item triptych surfboards. One set of limited editions feature tapestry from 15th century Paris named “The Lady and the Unicorn” and other art work “The Garden of Earthly Delights” from Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

Boom-art The Garden of Earthly Delights 1

“The Lady and the Unicorn” collection feature a woman surrounded by flowers, trees, and animals. Also notable are heraldic emblems, a unicorn on the right and a lion on the left. The art work also shows her personal servant and coat of arms of Le Viste family. Woven in Flanders, Belgium on wool and silk, the tapestries feature a pallet of contrasting colors – dark blue, rosy pink and red along with beige and baby blue.

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” from Hieronymus Bosch is a painting feature animal compounds, humans engaged in nefarious activities, oversized fruits, plants, stone formations and other mechanical elements that tell the biblical story of “Creation”. For the surfboards, Boom-art and UWL used the art work from the middle panel of the triptych. The surfboard has emulated its color scheme of bright blue, lime green and off-white.

Boom-art The Garden of Earthly Delights 2

The surfboards are handmade in France from polyester resin and hand shaped polyurethane foam. Limited to ten from each collection, surfboards comes individually numbered. Priced at €5,600 ($6,400), they are available to purchase from Boom-art’s website.

Boom-art The Garden of Earthly Delights 3 Boom-art The Lady and the Unicorn surfboard 2 Boom-art The Lady and the Unicorn surfboard 3

Source: Designboom

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