California Gold Rush-Inspired $42,000 Boca do Lobo Gold-Plated Millionaire Luxury Safe

Boca do Lobo Millionaire Luxury Safe

When you create something to honor California’s Gold Rush and the Forty-niners (1849 – the year it all began) it better be made from solid gold or at least look like made from slabs of solid gold. The Millionaire Luxury Safe from Portuguese company Boca do Lobo tells the story of unsuccessful robbery attempts during the Gold Rush. The big dent on top is there to remind those times, as well as safe’s solid construction.

The frame of Millionaire is made from solid polished brass, while the interior lockable drawers are made from solid mahogany and lined in lush fabric. It gets the heavy solid gold look from a solid coating of gold, which also add more shine to its extravagant look. The Millionaire Luxury Safe also has a feature that pays tribute to Portugal’s rich maritime history. The richly decorated steampunk-inspired silver-coated door handle is inspired by wheels of old seafaring vessels.

To securely lock things away in the safe, it comes equipped with a secret code combination. It does look heavy from images, and hopefully, it has additional mechanisms to offer more security. The Millionaire Luxury Safe cost quite a bit at $41,630. All that gold doesn’t come cheap!

Boca do Lobo Millionaire Luxury Safe

Source: Boca do Lobo

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