BMW i Collection Accessories Goes Eco-Friendly

BMW is not acquired by the US iFruit company. But, with their new i sub-brand electronic accessories collection it’s getting difficult to say what company does what. Having a green image is important in the corporate world, especially for a company that makes fast, gas guzzling vehicles. BMW’s solution to this arrived with the launch of eco-friendly i3. Now they’ve launched a matching electronic accessories line named “BMW i Collection.”

Items on BMW i Collection includes an urban mega shopper bag, a notebook and a laptop bag, all made from felt-like recycled PET and olive leave-tanned leather. A compact solar charger that can charge more than one phone or an MP3 player at a time. Other items in the collection include a ball point pen, 16 GB USB stick, a lanyard and a key fob. All the items carry the signature of BMW i in blue color to highlight its eco-friendly message.

There’s nothing grand about the BMW i Collection, stays true to the eco-friendly image it tries portray along with the new i3. Collection is now available at select retailers and BMW online store. Prices range from €15 ($20) for the pen or lanyard to €99 ($135) for the urban shopping bag.

BMW i Collection laptop case 2

BMW i Collection shopping bag 3

BMW i Collection notebook 9

BMW i Collection solar charger 4 BMW i Collection laynard 6 BMW i Collection keyring 5 BMW i Collection usb 8 BMW i Collection pen 7

Source: BMW

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