Australian Jeweler Make $50K Black Diamond Pacifier For Babies

A jeweler in Down Under may be excited for Kim Kardashian and/or her little spawn, has created an extravagant, over the top diamond encrusted pacifier. Kalfin Jewellery from Melbourne believes there are enough posh suckers out there to buy a blinged out the pacifier. Apparently, this idea was “Inspired by William & Kates Royal Baby.”

All things baby blog, BabyCenter said they received an email from the company pitching their opulent pacifier. Part of the email pitch said, “baby gift ideas have been run of the mill for some time from the spoons, to bracelet etc., the concept of the Diamond Pacifier is the world first and think this would make a great story.” Kalfin Jewellery website has this “For those looking for that extra special something, Kalfin Jewellery offers several custom made diamond encrusted pacifiers for the ultimate in extravagance.” A diamond sucker being a health hazard to a toddler is not important, but extravagance is!

Black diamond pacifier would cost around $50,000 depending on the precious material used. If you are happy with the price tag they are available in 14 karat white and yellow gold as well as in sterling silver, with the option of several colors. If this price is completely out of your league, they have few other cost-effective options like their sterling silver line for $180 each and white and yellow gold at $ 450 each. These extravagant pacifiers are only for suckers – babies or otherwise.

Source: BabyCenter and Luxury Launches

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