World’s Most Luxurious Bespoke Colouring Book – Yours For $31,000

World's Most Expensive Colouring Book - Ian Beck

The world’s most expensive and luxurious coloring book is here, courtesy of VeryFirstTo and illustrator to the stars Ian Beck. The impressive color book named, The Bespoke Colouring Book features hand rendered illustrations and title page offered on beautiful handmade paper. The book is hand bound by Masters Bookbinding, complete with gold leaf lettering on the cover.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Ian Beck

Even to date, Ian Beck’s most famous work is his cover for Elton John’s iconic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. He also worked with musicians Mick Jagger and James Taylor. Beck’s commercial client base included magazines like Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and Homes and Gardens. He also did murals in a restaurant at the Gatwick Airport and had commissions from the Conran Design Group for packaging, greeting cards, and calendars.

Beck says “I am really delighted to be part of this project, I anticipate the type of subjects people would like to have illustrated include: a portrait of themselves; pets; home; favourite holiday resort; family at their regular restaurant; cottage in the country etc. This is an amazing keepsake and heirloom in the making for the family.”

Ian Beck

For his latest project, Beck will work with each individual buyer to create illustrations of their choosing. The buyer’s illustration preferences could range from places, moments and important people in life, and the artist is ready to translate them into coloring book artwork. Once the drawings have been selected, Beck will create them in the illustration style of buyer’s preference.

Even though most of us think of colouring as something to keep kids busy, it is an act perfect for adults as well. Studies have shown the simple repetitive act help the mind to be still and focus on the present moment – a different kind of meditation.

World's Most Expensive Colouring Book - Ian Beck The title of fine leather bound Bespoke Colouring Book comes debossed and recipients name highlighted in 24 karat gold leaf. Just like Ian Beck, Masters Bookbinding also claims an impressive list of luxury clients that include Aston Martin, Necker Island, Burlington Arcade, and Coutts.

The world’s most luxurious colouring book costs £23,900 (about $30,875/ €27,260) and available only from

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