Bentley Unveils Latest Furniture Series – The Newent Collection

Bentley Newent Collection

There is no Salon Del Mar this year to unveil the latest home collection. So, Bentley released their newest version of Bentley Home Collection – the Newent Collection, online last week. Expertly designed again by Carlo Colombo, the line consists of an armchair, sofa, bed, and a chair. The DNA of Newent Line mirrors those of the Richmond Collection, their first-ever home collection launched in 2013 with elegantly curved profiles.

Bentley Newent Collection

The highlight of the collection is the Newent Sofa. Highly customizable, the pieces in this collection can be fully upholstered in a choice of leather or fabric. The other option is to get them with just the veneered frame. Made from walnut briarwood, they are designed in a curved profile to highlight the different angles and tapered shape.

As with previous editions, veneering is hand inlaid. Designed exclusively for the Newent collection, the bending molds are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen joining curved parts in different directions using thermoforming techniques, innovative processes, and materials.

Bentley Newent Collection

Chris Cooke, Bentley’s Head of Product Design, commented: “We work very closely with our colleagues at Bentley Home to ensure the furniture we create embodies the exacting standard in design and manufacture we have in our cars. From the language and flow of the surfaces to the detailed execution of the veneering process, the ‘Newent’ range is a great example of what we do best, create luxury products for discerning customers.”

The old meets new way of this collection means Bentley’s classic lines and silhouettes are integrated into the furniture collection. A distinctive feature of these highly customizable pieces is their rounded shape.

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