Bentley Presents “Bentley Home Collection” Furniture Range

Even if you can’t afford a Bentley automobile, now you have the opportunity to own a piece of Bentley with their furniture collection. I’m joking, don’t get too excited, this high-end luxury furniture line costs an arm and a leg – the same as a Bentley! Back in May, this year British luxury automaker from Crewe announced their plans to release a line of luxury home and office furnishing in collaboration with Italy’s Club House Italia. Those plans have finally come to fruition with the release of home furniture range. Bentley Home Collection combines craftsmanship, luxury, and exclusivity Bentley is known for from its automobiles.

Five-piece collection is created with quality, comfort, and luxury in mind.Customers have the same quality and wide selection of material, color, textures and finish available for Bentley car customers. This means Bentley’s neutral tones of ivory and taupe, shades of beige and cream and the iconic quilted diamond pattern is available for your custom made Bentley furniture.

Bentley Home Collection - Richmond sofaThe Richmond line is a collection of seating that includes sofas, chaise longues and armchairs. Simple yet elegant seating collection comes wrapped in double shell bodies with option to cover in leather or fine veneer of burr walnut. The inner structure is covered in leather or linen or in fine cashmere velvet. Leather braids embellish the profile.

Madeley & Kendal
Bentley Home Collection - Madeley & Kendal
Leather adorned, elegant Kendal chairs are accompanied by a complementing large oval or round Madeley table. Bentley logo can optionally be embroidered on the back of the chair. Curved wood panel tables with trapezoidal structure come with hand-made leather coating embellished on edges, with steel feet made of gun-metal finish.

Sherbourne & Kingsbridge
Bentley Home Collection - Sherbourne & Kingsbridge 2
Leather coated and front-veneered cabinets are available in two variations of tall Kingsbridge and short Sherbourne, with options for smooth or quilted leather exteriors. Luxurious crystal shelves have tone-on-tone lacquered coatings, while gun-metal gray finish complements the steel handles and feet.

Harlow Coffee Tables 
Bentley Home Collection - Harlow coffee tables
A very simple metal steel structure with onyx or leather as options for surface and gun-metal grey finish. Available in two sizes to fit in any cozy living room or a small luxury apartment to spread your Vogue and GQ magazines.

Canterbury Bed
Bentley Home Collection - Canterbury bed
A comfortable bed that is made to lull you for a comfortable night of sleep with an imposing headboard as its main characteristic. Bed structure coat is available in leather or fabric. Adding comfort and luxury is the innovative, high-quality comforter cover from Fibra di Legno® made from wood pulp.

Source: Bentley

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