Balluga A Smart Bed With Climate Control And Wi-Fi

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The Balluga bed is an incredible invention that is made for the connected world we live today. The world’s first smart bed arrive equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to sync iTunes and monitor security of the house. It has an iOS app to control everything.

A creation of UK-based Joe Katan a consumer product innovator, this is not just a bed. The feature rich Balluga comes with many interactive details. Some of the highlights include built in climate control, vibro-massage system and an ambient lighting system. It is also capable of projecting e-books and movies etc onto the ceiling and has a surround sound audio system.

Balluga’s main function still is providing a better comfortable sleeping experience. To this end its advanced sleep system provides an adjustable firmness control of highest level. Its mattress is made of air-filled cells that mould perfectly to individual body shapes. This means two people sharing a Balluga bed can have different settings to fit their preferred firmness and that’s not all, system also allows separate settings for climate control and multimedia as well.

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Hygiene is important, the air-cells that make up the mattress are made from a soft inflatable elastic material that is easy to clean with water. The air-cells are arranged in blocks for easy removal, so when you need to clean just a part of the mattress just remove those block.

Joe Katan said about his smart bed “A key factor of the Balluga Sleep System is that it is all controlled via an app so when you travel you are able to take your preferred settings to anywhere that has the Balluga system, in essence taking your bed everywhere you go.”

The debut of the Balluga Smart Interactive Bed is set for April 8th at the Gadget Show Live in London. The company plans to release the bed for consumers in early 2015 and they have teamed up with to offer the Balluga later this year starting with pre-orders.

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Source: VeryFirstTo and Balluga

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