BallerYoga Mat – The World’s Most Expensive Yoga Mat Made From NFL Football Leather

BallerYoga Mat

Imagine enormous NFL players doing yoga on luxury leather mats – ok, scratch that, don’t imagine. Regardless, BallerYoga Mat from BollerYoga is properly priced to match paychecks of millionaire NFL players. Labeled the world’s most expensive yoga mat, its prices range from $495 for stitched version to $1,000 for single-piece. Mats are pricey because of the top quality material used to make them – the pebble-surfaced, full-grain genuine leather. The same Horween Tanned-In-Tack leather used for Wilson NFL footballs.

Comfort is the biggest advantage of using leather mats over synthetic ones. Once your hands and feet start to sweat during yoga sessions, you are going to notice leather mats are lot less slippery than synthetic mats. As a bonus, for that hefty price, you are getting a nice leather smelling mat. Everything from leather to laces is made 100% in the US.

BallerYoga Mat

The inspiration for the leather mat was born out of necessity. Cedric Yau, the founder of BallerYoga was on vacation at a five-star resort when he realized the quality of mats at the hotel were not up to the standard – they were “slippery and flimsy”. He decided to design and make his own mat that is enough “grippy and non-sticky” – just the way yoga loving Patriots quarterback Tom Brady like his footballs (the “deflategate” was all about the grip, right?)

Even though the yoga couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen has nothing personally to do with BallerYoga Mat, I am going to call the $1,000 mat their favorite.

You think yoga mat at $1,000 is expensive – how about a crocodile leather $5,500 yoga mat bag from Jill Haber? The luxury mat is available at BallerYoga online store.

BallerYoga Mat


Source: Robb Report

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