Adorn Your Office Desk With Baccarat’s $37,000 Midnight Crystal Elephant

Buying a real elephant would cost about the same too, but there are obvious obstacles that come with it. You can’t keep it in your living room or on your office desk, it needs care, heaps of food and plenty of room to roam. Instead, for $37,000 you can buy this gorgeous dark blue midnight crystal elephant from Baccarat.

Baccarat Midnight Elephant 1

Elephants are wonderful animals. They are beautiful and strong, work hard, respectful and loyal. Elephants are also known for wisdom and good luck. Remember, they have a good memory. You can meet an elephant and go away for few years when you return it is probably going to remember you – so be kind to them. Another important point to note is they are sacred to Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha with an elephant head is the remover of obstacles and patron of art.

For all of its wonderful qualities, Baccarat decided to honor this wonderful and mystical creature with a midnight crystal elephant avatar. Available online from

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