Baccarat Celebrates 250th Anniversary At Harrods

Baccarat 250th Anniversary At Harrods 1

When you live long enough to celebrate 250th year of your existence in the business world that means you have done things right. That is why French crystalmaker Baccarat decided to celebrate its two centuries and a half birthday with an exhibition of its finest crystal works at Harrods from March 6 to 29. Company’s history dates back to 1764 to the time Louis the XV ruled France. With Louis’ kind patronage Baccarat was able expand its business beyond France. Their distinguished customers over the last two centuries include Maharajahs, Presidents, Emperors and Kings, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco, and Josephine Baker and Aristotle Onassis.

For the next few days wonderful creations of Baccarat will call Harrods windows home. Unique and priceless heritage items, contemporary pieces and special anniversary collections appear in the Harrods Brompton Road windows arranged in three impressive sets – a dining room, library and garden room.

Baccarat 250th Anniversary At Harrods 2

Your first stop at the exhibition is the dining room that showcase Harcourt, Mille Nuits and Mosaïque stemware. This breathtakingly colorful collection is laid out on a crystal table for your eyes to feast on. Highlight of this room is the clear and red crystal Zenith chandelier that illuminate the room with its unique sparkle.

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The second stop, library is the temporary home to three new amazing creations, specially created to celebrate the 250th year. The first is the limited edition Harcourt Chessgame by Nendo, only 50 units of this wonderful item will be created. The second item is two magnificent vases designed by Marcel Wanders that combines classic designs with contemporary geometric elements. Third item on display in library room is the re-make of Georges Chevalier created Sun Clock whose resplendent rays promise to transport us to a magical place. This same Sun Clock decorated the Manhattan apartment Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe shared.

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Final stop of the exhibition is the wonderful Winter Garden room, it showcases the 37-light Zénith Nervous Chandelier by Louise Campbell that light-up the entire Baccarat’s vases collections.

Baccarat 250th Anniversary At Harrods 5

In addition to the exhibition, Baccarat has opened a pop up shop on the ground floor with a range of their products. On the second floor visitors can further discover the history of Baccarat through a table showcasing the prestigious orders for Harcourt glasses. It is said Harcourt glasses decorated the tables of Napoléon III to the Prince of Cambodia, the Shah of Iran and the presidencies of Togo, Mexico and Brazil.


Source: Baccarat

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