Aston Martin Champagne Cooler In Gold – $48,000

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These days monogamy means nothing in the luxury auto industry. They have interests all over the place. They are in the furniture industry, luxury pens, handbags and even in the hookah industry. Aston Martin got a finger in lot of pies when it comes to diversifying interests, their latest is a champagne cooler, yes you heard it right. To celebrate the limited edition ultra GT coupe One-77, Aston Martin has authorized Grant Macdonald to make a limited edition of 10 champagne coolers.

Just like their cars, champagne cooler is made mainly from carbon fiber while adding a bit of glitter by gold plating it with 24 karat yellow gold. Aston Martin champagne cooler is also available in sterling silver. To preserve cold inside, an inner layer of carbon fiber is used between the bottle and the polished sterling silver exterior. Carbon fiber also helped in keeping the weight down.

Part of the “Silver by Aston Martin” collection, automaker described the collection this way “The inspiration for the ‘Silver by Aston Martin’ collection is the elegance, craftsmanship and engineering excellence that has been built into every Aston Martin since 1913. This simple yet enduring design ethos influences every piece in the range. The philosophy of this collection is to offer clients the commitment to a premium quality that is synonymous with Aston Martin.”

Finally we are getting to the all-important pricing – just like a $1.6 million Aston Martin, luxury champagne cooler don’t belong in the affordable pricing category. Gold version will set you back £29,000 that is about $48,000, and a cool £25,200 or around $42,000 will get you a sterling silver version. Either way, this is not for the Kia driving crowd.

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Source: Aston Martin

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