Artist “Plastic Guerrilla” Puts His Cellophane Wrapped London Landmark Photographs On Sale

Plastic Guerrilla - Chruchill and Roosevelt

First of all, anonymous artist Plastic Guerrilla who is also from UK is no Banksy. And he doesn’t do graffiti. However, what Plastic Guerrilla has done is no different to what Banksy has been doing all these years. He carried out early morning raids on London statues to wrap them in couple of layers of cellophane and captured attention-grabbing photographs of them.

For the first time, Plastic Guerrilla is ready to sell some of his interesting photographs and he has chosen to sell them through VeryFirstTo, the luxury launches website. Two of the seven photographs put up for sale includes plastic wrapped Mahatma Gandhi statue in Tavistock Square Garden, and the Allies statue of Churchill and Roosevelt at Bond Street (above).

Photographs arrived at VeryFirstTo with instructions and a special note from the artist, “Does the wrapping add or detract?  Reflect or retract? Do I show disrespect or admiration? Merit accolade or approbation?”

VeryFirstTo spokesman Amar Thapen says, “We have had the privilege of featuring some extremely accomplished and famous artists, but none have caught our imagination like the Plastic Guerrilla. His approach is extremely fresh and captivating and the imagery is simultaneously beautiful, provocative and eerie.”

Priced at £1,900 ($3,235/ €2,369), each photograph comes signed and framed. Sold exclusively through VeryFirstTo, series is limited to just 20 copies of each photograph. For additional information contact Amar Thapen at

Beau Brummell, Jermyn Street Plastic Guerrilla - Beau Brummell

Wrapped Memorial, Hyde Park Plastic GuerrillHyde Park Memorial

The Lost Bow, Regents Park Plastic Guerrilla - Lost Bow

Mahatma Gandhi, Tavistock Square Garden Plastic Guerrilla - Mahatma Gandhi

Young Dancer, ROH Plastic Guerrilla - The Dancer


Source: VeryFirstTo

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