Art Group AnonyMouse Opens Miniature Mouse Nut Shop And Bistro In Malmö, Sweden

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café

It seems, the mice in the Swedish town of Malmö just had enough of government rules and regulations for nuts, cheeses, and other essentials. To fight for their rights, mice got organized around the banner – AnonyMouse, complete with Guy Fawkes mask logo. Their first call for action – opening a couple of miniaturized shops on the busy corner of Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan streets. Shops measuring 70×30 cm (about 25×12 inch) are named “Noix de Vie” and “Il Topolino”

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café The “Noix de Vie” specializes in nuts. They sell mostly imported nuts – their current inventory comes from faraway places like Brazil, Greece, Mexico and Turkey. AnonyMouse sells a variety of nuts such as cashew nuts, walnuts, pecan, almond, pistachios and of course Brazil nuts.

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café Il Topolino, the neighborhood Italian bistro is the main artisanal cheese shop on the street. They sell cheese imported from Switzerland, Italy, France and other places. Their crackers collection include both the savory and sweet varieties. According to bistro menu board, they offer a wide selection of items for mice to choose from.

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café The response from Malmö residents for the two handcrafted installations is a very positive one. The townspeople liked the place so much they started to bring miniature things for two shops. Crowdsourced items at the shops now include concert and exhibition posters, cheeses and plastic animals. As was bound to happen at some point – pet lovers started to bring their pet rodents for a day out!

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café All the installation items are made from things like bottle caps, wire, tin cans, matches, Italian stamps, and a lamp shade.

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café Well-crafted interiors include flower pots, tables, chairs and framed photos of famed mice.

AnonyMouse Cheese Shop & Café Exterior features include chef’s parked miniature bicycle, a freezer, another set of table and chairs, a locked electrical panel and a pair of mice street vendors. You can also check AnonyMouse Instagram feed for more images.

Source: Designboom

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