Anita Mai Tan Launches Diamond Studded Eclectic Decanter Collection

Anita Mai Tan Horse Decanter 1

Talk about going fancy for a good cause. To start a fund for a project that will work to reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, jewelry designer Anita Mai Tan has donated two decanters from her new Eclectic Decanter Collection for Algems. Both vessels, one a Dragon Decanter and the other a Horse Decanter boasts diamonds as well as precious gems in addition to excellent craftsmanship. Tan worked in partnership with PE Fuels International, a leader in efforts to create GHG reducing fuel enhancers.

Used as a signature motif by Anita Mai Tan numerous occasions, the dragon makes an appearance in her decanters collection as well. In Chinese mythology dragon is a symbol of strength, courage, wisdom and longevity. The Dragon Decanter portrays a dragon that protects the vessel with all its might. Created from 2000 grams of 18 karat gold, it comes adorned with 3800 “IF” “D color” diamonds and gemstones that total to 72 karats.

Anita Mai Tan Dragon Decanter 2

Another favorite Chinese sign, the horse symbolizes power, grace and beauty. The Horse Decanter, exquisitely crafted from 398 grams of 18 karat white gold, portrays the horse with its tresses wrapped around the top. Decorated with 720 flawless 9 karat “D color” diamonds and 398 fancy cut 7.2 karat sapphires, it also feature two 38 karat pure blue cabochon sapphires as its eyes.

Both decanters will be signed by Mai. The Horse Decanter has a pre-auction estimate of $680,000 while the Dragon Decanter is estimated to start at $890,000.

Anita Mai Tan Horse Decanter 4 Anita Mai Tan Horse Decanter 3

Source: Luxury Launches

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