Obama, Dalai Lama, Queen And Hillary Gets New Hipster Looks From Designer Amit Shimoni

Amit Shimoni Hipstory Obama

Designer Amit Shimoni apparently is not a big fan of how some world leaders dress and present themselves, too stiff in too formal attire. So he decided to give some of them serious makeovers. New hipster looks he worked on world famous names include a Barack Obama with words “hope” and “change” tattooed on his chest and sporting a trendy man-bun and an ear-ring. Then there is the Dalai Lama in a fashionable crimson hoodie, trendy eyeglasses and jewelry. As for the ladies he made sure to give Queen Elizabeth a serious makeover – she wears a white sleeveless blouse, a flower wreath in her hair and a necklace with the word “queen” spelt out.

Shimoni first introduced the series named “Hipstory” back in December last year. He plans to expand the collection by adding new characters regularly. Other world leaders appearing in their hipster avatar include Mahatma Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr and Angela Markel.

Amit Shimoni Hipstory Queen

In addition to canvas form, Shimoni also offer t-shirts, tank tops, throw pillows and smartphone cases and skins with his art work printed on them. Pricing starts from around $15 for a smartphone skin.

Amit Shimoni Hipstory Dalai Lama Amit Shimoni Hipstory Hillary Amit Shimoni Hipstory MLK Amit Shimoni Hipstory Reagan


Source: Design Boom and Amit Shimoni

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