All Brass KOI Bathtub From Maison Valentina

Koi Bathtub Maison Valentina

If carbon fiber made Gold Vessel Hammock Bathtub from Splinter Works is not your type of bathtub, we have something different for you. In Japanese water gardens, KOI carp takes plays an important role. They are known in Japanese culture as symbols of love and friendship as such appear regularly on Irezumi practice and in tattoos. It is because of those qualities and its ability to adapt, Portuguese bathroom fitting brand Maison Valentina designed the KOI bathtub to add color, tranquility and luxury to your bathroom.

The base of the KOI bathtub is made from aged brushed brass and the bathtub in aged brushed iron. The brass scales are designed in patterns opaque and transparent, which gives it an effect of lightness. Another notable design aspect is the theatrical center parting of scales that also adds to its vintage appearance. The KOI bathtub measures 70.86” W x 29.53” D x 23.62” H. Pricing on request from Maison Valentina.

Koi Bathtub Maison Valentina


Source: Luxury Insider

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