Alfa 4C Bicycle From Alfa Romeo – Yours For Just $4700

If Alfa Romeo 4C is not for you because of the hefty price, worry not, there’s a new option in the form of Alfa 4C bicycle for you. Italian fast car manufacturer has introduced their bicycle project recently – the “4C IFD Bicycle.” If you are wondering what “IFD” is, it stands for “Innovative Frame Design,” which refers to the ‘C’-shaped cross-section of the frame, made of the same carbon fiber material used on the chassis of Alfa Romeo 4C. The ultra-lightweight and sleek bicycle is designed by Alfa Romeo Style Center and made by Italy’s Compagnia Ducale.

Alfa 4C bicycle - 2

Alfa Romeo 4C will be available in Europe, America, and Asia in December with a price range of $4700 (€3,500) to $12,200 (€9,000) depending on the configuration. On its basic form bicycle weighs just 6.9 kg or 15.21 lbs. In creating Alfa 4C, Alfa Romeo is joining the other automakers in creating limited edition bicycles as we have seen from Aston Martin, BMW and Toyota previously.

Alfa 4C bicycle - 3 Alfa 4C bicycle - 4

Source: Carscoops

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