Alexander McQueen Reinterprets Puma King Boot

Alexander McQueen Puma King Boot - Gold Fish

With FIFA World Cup just weeks away, everyone is getting into the spirit of celebrating world’s favorite game. Two football-mad countries England and Germany have decided to celebrate the occasion slightly differently, okay two well-known brands from these countries decided to celebrate slightly differently. British fashion house Alexander McQueen has re-interpreted the legendary Puma King Boot with two unique versions.

Both styles are limited to just 100 pairs, and unfortunately they are not for sale. Celebration of FIFA World Cup being the motivation for this collection, all 100 pairs are being given as gifts to Puma’s near and dear friends.

The special edition Puma King Boot is handcrafted in Italy. A very distinct design of just 30 pairs feature an exclusive Fish Skin model in gold, and the second design is in a supple Italian leather in chestnut brown.

Alexander McQueen Puma King Boot - Leather

First introduced in 1968, list of famous footballers to wear the classic King Boot include the greatest of them all Pele, Netherlands’ Johan Cruyff, Germany’s Lothar Matthaus, and the man with the “Hand of God” Diego Maradona.


Source: Yahoo

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