Exclusive $15,600 Adidas Velvet World Cup Football

Adidas Velvet World Cup Football

Launched in Celebration of the 2018 Football World Cup

In 2018 the FIFA World Cup is held in Russia. True enough during the world cup ‘everything football’ turns into a mania. This year Adidas has decided to celebrate the FIFA World Cup with a launch of a commemorative football that’s covered with stunning Swarovski crystals.

This commemorative Adidas Velvet World Cup Football is embellished with the Adidas logo in the middle, is made of black velvet, decorated with classy, creative and innovative gold threadwork that is reminiscent of traditional Russian embroidery. This Russian touch in the threadwork definitely pays homage to the current host of the FIFA World Cup. With these decorative features, I am sure you realize by now that this football is definitely a collector’s item rather than a plaything.

On top of the above mentioned extravagant design features let’s not forget that this elegant black velvet football is studded with Swarovski crystals. Again, such glamour and luxury as you can see is not meant to be splashed around in mud but meant to be displayed as the centerpiece of your living room -a bragging right- as you must rightfully think by now.

Though Adidas is an international brand with its products available to consumers all over the globe, this black velvet, gold-embroidered, Swarovski crystal studded collector’s edition football is only available in Moscow, Russia -the current hub of the football mania. So if you are a die-hard football fanatic determined to get your hands on this opulently lavish football let’s get yourself to Moscow ASAP. After a dedicated plane ride to Moscow 99,000 rubles or $15,600 for this football will certainly seem very small a price to pay for the luxurious football aficionado who would like to have something the other mundane football aficionados don’t.


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