Adidas Springblade – A Running Shoe With A Bounce

Adidas has introduced a new Springblade running shoe to the market. The futuristic Springblade running shoes are fitted with 32 polymer blades to thrust you forward as you run.  Even if you are just a walker, these shoes provide a sense of bounce to the wearer. Adidas hope Springblade will be its connection to consumers for the foreseeable future.

Adidas Springblade 3

Springblade provides a unique running experience while providing maximum energy returns. At first look with their cantilevered blades, one might feel blades are inadequate. But seven pairs of smaller-sized blades are supported by two larger sized blades covering the entire front and back of the shoe. Adidas North America’s Mike Peveto noted “They have one of the highest energy returns that we’ve tested. What’s unique is that they don’t return energy vertically, they return it horizontally.”   With the horizontal return of energy, the shoe is designed to propel the runner forward when pressed down. This design makes Adidas the first sneaker brand to provide horizontal propulsion.

Shoes have tested in real-world runs over thousands of miles by various runners. Even after rigorous testing, blades have upheld their shape and displayed durability. It took Adidas close to six years to produce Springblade. Priced at $ 180 Adidas Springblade is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, Finish Line, and other sports goods stores. 

Source: Forbes

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