A Sneak Peak At Aston Martin’s Latest Sofas

Aston Martin - Furniture 1

There is something about luxury automakers and high-end furniture. Bentley, Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin, they are all into it. As you would imagine furniture made through collaborations of these storied companies have the same luxury and elegance of the cars they make. Formitalia Luxury Group Spa, the Italian furniture maker has a brand new collection for Aston Martin.

A couple of examples from the latest collection has been released for a sneak peak by the company. They include a four seat sofa V131, with a base metal finish in pearl grey upholstery made of soft fine leather and enriched by cushions in Casentino wool.

The second example V125 also a sofa is a reinterpretation of a classic, according to Luxury Launches. It features a matte metal frame and curved upholstery covered in luxurious soft brown leather. It has enough room for three or four adults to sit comfortably.

The entire collection is made in Italy, and suitable for home or office. In addition to furniture, Formitalia also make accessories and lighting for the Aston Martin collection. The collection is created to fit with brand values of Aston Martin – Power, Beauty and Soul.

Aston Martin - Furniture 2


Source: Luxury Launches

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