For Just $32,000 Swiss Company Erflogswelle Will Create A Unique Name For Your New Baby

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If you think every Tom, Dick and Harry name their kid Lock, Stock and Barrel; I can assure you as of today there is a new way to find a name your new born. This sure is an extravagant way to do it, but if you have spare change for $32,000, just get in touch with the Swiss company Erflogswell. Their special team with knowledge in history, origin and various cultures will create a unique name for your precious one.

This new undertaking started off accidentally for Erflogswell. They are in the business of creating names, however that’s for brands and products. As explained by company director Marc Hauser, he helped a friend and his wife find a name for their baby. Before Hauser intervened, the couple just like most parents have agreed to disagree over baby’s name. Having helped his friend successfully gave him the idea to add baby naming to their existing services.

Apparently Erflogswell has a separate unit to find unique baby names and they do lots of research before finding a list of names for parents to choose from. Names not only should be meaningful and unique, they should be pronounceable too. They are also been careful not to create names that would give different meanings in 12 other major languages. It takes Erflogswell five weeks to create a new name and options.

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“We rely on culture, the origin and the desires of our customers,” Marc said. “The pronunciation and spelling need to be intuitive. If a person has to repeat his name four times on the phone and no one understands it, it is a failure.”

One drawback, even after spending a princely sum of $32,000 to get a unique name there is no guarantee it is going to stay unique. As soon as your trip to the birth registration office is over, this unique name might be on 10 other birth certificates. You can try to trademark it, that plan didn’t exactly work for Beyoncé and Jay-Z with Blue Ivy.


Source: Oddity Central and Katie Garber Photography

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