247 Billiards Table Designed By Porsche Design Studio

Porsche Design 247 Billiard Table 1

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who is better known as the designer of the iconic Porsche 911 and the founder of the Porsche Design Studio has designed a unique pool table for 247 Billiards. The table made from stainless steel and tulip wood is designed using high-tech 3-D water jet cutting technique and features smooth lines and a sleek design. Other highlights of the table include leather pockets, a three-part slate, high-class cloth, rubber cushions and luminous Corian finish. Pricing starts at $29,500 and the 247 billiards table is available in over 30 colors as well as in more than 20 different materials.

Handmade in Austria, 247 table is offered in two sizes of 7 and 8 foot long. Standard features that comes with it include a matching cue rack, four cues and a triangle. Aramith, the billiard ball brand used by many billiard professionals are also part of the package. Estimated delivery time is between five to seven week.

Porsche Design 247 Billiard Table 4 Porsche Design 247 Billiard Table 3 Porsche Design 247 Billiard Table 2


Source: 247Billiards

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