Fancy 24K Gold Mr. Kennedy Shoelaces Will Set You Back $19,000

24K Gold Mr. Kennedy Shoelaces

While U2 and Bono still haven’t found what they were looking for, I have found what I was looking for – a pair of 14K gold Mr. Kennedy Shoelaces for the perfect price of $19,000. A couple of years ago these extravagant shoelaces were a big story on Today Show and everyone had an opinion about them – the good, bad and the mockery. After all that, Mr. Kennedy shoelaces have survived and thrived.

Handmade by Colombian designers and artisans, each pair takes them 120 hours to produce. According to the company, they are created using “ancient, artisan jewelry techniques”. These are actually the only known precious metal made shoelaces in the world. Its design was inspired by the natives of Quinchia village in Colombia and their artisan mining industry.

24K Gold Mr. Kennedy Shoelaces

Hefty $19,000 come with some perks “they will be delivered by security” and “laced for you anywhere in the world”. Who else ever promised to lace up anything for you? No one. Mr. Kennedy Shoelaces also offer a lifetime warranty for the “original purchaser” against defects in workmanship and materials, if you inherit these from grandpa, you will be out of luck in your hour of need.

Don’t fret if you are priced out of gold shoelaces, there is a much more affordable option – Mr. Kennedy Silver Shoelaces priced just $3,000. Visit the online store to place your order for a couple of pairs – one each of gold and silver?

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