11 Raven Mahjong Macon Table – A $12,000 Gold Leaf Infused Game Table

11 Raven Mahjong Macon Table

11 Ravens, the Los Angeles-based luxury game table maker has added a new game table to their ever expanding collection, a Mahjong table. Released last month in time to celebrate Chinese New year, the table named “Macan” features a base made of high-grain Ebony Macassar wood bordered with brushed aluminum metal bars infused with gold leaf. Fully customizable 11 Raven Mahjong Macon table is handmade by company’s skilled artisans at their workshop. In addition to material changes, it also comes with an optional auto shuffler.

11 Raven Mahjong Macon Table

Mahjong is a complex four-player board game which originated during the Qing Dynasty, the last great imperial dynasty in China. To play, it uses 144 ceramic tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. Just like chess, this game need skills, patience and ability to strategize.

Most of 11 Raven’s creations belong to the art objects well regarded as collectibles, they are that well-crafted. Their luxury game table collections include table tennis, billiards, shuffleboard and poker & blackjack. And now Mahjong. The company also carry a small furniture collection that features coffee tables, benches, and chairs.

As it is the 11 Raven Mahjong Macon table costs $12,000. Since it is fully customizable, clients can request for materials and finishes to suit their needs.

11 Raven Mahjong Macon Table

Source: 11 Ravens

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