1001 Is A Space Age Hookah By Christian Zanzotti

1001 Hookah 1

Why smoke from an old fashioned hookah when you can do the same from a modern state-of-the-art version? That’s why Christian Zanzotti designed one named 1001 and he describes it as “radical, simple and elegant.” Zanzotti is a young Italian designer based in Germany and specializes in industrial design in the areas of everyday products, furniture and vehicle design.

Zanzotti is determined to take the centuries old hookah and turn the world of hookah upside down. To do this he has turned to modern minimalistic design as well as to materials such as anodized aluminium, polished brass, crystal clear glass and 3D printed parts. Fully manufactured in Germany, Zanzotti use his experience from the automobile industry to create the 1001 with attention to detail and maintaining highest standard of quality control.

1001Hookah 5

Each hookah is made on request only and it takes 4 weeks to produce each unique piece. Priced at €499 or about $680, Zanzotti plans to launch IOOI on May 1 this year.

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Source: Christian Zanzotti and 1001

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