World’s Most Luxurious Bicycles

There is a growing demand for luxury two-wheelers everywhere from the moneyed crowd… for simple bicycles that is. Manufacturers innovate ways to stand out from the competition in all possible ways, be that gold plating, encrusting in crystals or motorizing. Now price is a completely different story because these are not just the most luxurious bicycles, they are also the most expensive as well. For you and me to afford one of these, we’ll need to get more than one bank loan!

1. BMC – Hublot Team Machine – $19,500
BMC Hublot Team Machine - 1
Introduced in 2009 to pay tribute to Hublot watches, BMC Hublot Team Machine is the result of collaboration between two Swiss companies – luxury watchmaker Hublot and bicycle manufacturer BMC. Mirroring its namesake Hublot All Black watches, bicycle features innovative materials developed through cutting-edge technology. The tough as nail carbon fiber and aluminium made frame boasts ceramic bearings that reduce friction. An exceptional racing bike, at its unveiling Hublot, announced bike production is limited to 30 units.

BMC Hublot Team Machine - 2

2. Aston Martin One-77 Bicycle – $39,000
Aston Martin bicycle One-77 - 1
Aston Martin called this the world’s most technologically advanced road bike, and they backed up the statement with gusto. Built as a companion to Aston Martin’s One-77 supercar, bicycle comes with the same technology and craftsmanship automaker is known for throughout the world. All components of the bike other than the tires, bearings and Shimano Dura Ace gear are custom designed and built in-house by bf1systems.

Use of high-tech and space age material is noticeable in lightweight diamond form frame, hydraulic brakes, LED lights and bespoke wheels. Tech know-how imported directly from the car, bicycle boasts an advanced data recording system that can record data on leg power, acceleration, heart rate, ECG via Bluetooth and much more, all displayed on a back-lit, high contrast touchscreen display embedded in handlebars.

Aston Martin One-77 is available in seven different color options with hand-stitched trimming of both the saddle and handlebars detailing that mirrors the craftsmanship and quality integral to every Aston Martin road car. This too is a limited edition bicycle with only 77 units produced just like its automobile counterpart.

Aston Martin bicycle One-77 - 3Aston Martin bicycle One-77 - 2

3. Hermès – Le Flâneur d’Hermès – $11,000
Hermès bicycle 1
Hermès recently introduced and available as of this month, two bicycles for the environment loving population. One bike for a “relax stroll in the city” and the other for “sportier racing” in the city. Even though not as space high-tech as the above Aston Martin One-77, these bikes are high-tech and well-crafted with much consideration given to design and durability.

Features of the extravagant bicycle include a shock-absorbing frame, belt-driven transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes. Integrated into the rear wheel hub, gears come with options of eight or eleven.

Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber bicycles are fitted with bull calf leather on the saddles, handlebar grips, carry handles and luggage rack supports. Handmade bicycles are available in two styles ‘Le Flâneur d’Hermès’ and ‘Le Flâneur Sportif d’Hermès’, and three colors – charcoal, red and white.

Hermès bicycle 3

4. Josh Hadar – Eric’s Teardrop – $12,000 to $35,000
Josh Hadar - Eric's Teardrop - 1

A bike you don’t see on road every day. New York City sculptor Josh Hadar is the creative mind behind this most unusual bicycle. The bespoke hybrid bicycle is fully handcrafted at Hadar’s SoHo studio. Bicycles are made to order with any customization buyer asks for. These include making bikes to suit customer’s body structure.

Eric’s Teardrop is a unique model with hand blown glass gas reservoirs built in steel rib cages. Bikes costs vary from $12,000-$35,000 depending on customization and materials used such nickel, bronze, copper gold and silver layering. Other bells and whistles you can add include eel-skin hub cover and seats, and hand-spun aluminum wheels to make sure that you peddle in style while saving the planet.

Josh Hadar - Eric's Teardrop - 2Josh Hadar - Eric's Teardrop - 3

5. Aurumania – Crystal Edition Gold Bike – $ 110,000 
Aurumania - Crystal Edition Gold Bike 1

World’s most expensive bicycle, Aurumania is encrusted with over 600 Swarovski crystals and plated with 24 karat gold. Handmade in Scandinavia, every visible surface is covered in gold. A limited edition bike, only 10 pieces of the bike is produced. The limited edition number is tastefully imprinted with gold leaf and set into a leather badge placed on the front of the bike. The handlebar grips are made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather, and a molded Brooks leather saddle adds a touch of a vintage look.

Bikes are available to order online at The gold bikes are personally delivered by Aurumania using a White Glove Service in specially designed packaging.

Aurumania - Crystal Edition Gold Bike 2Aurumania - Crystal Edition Gold Bike 3

Source: Luxury Launches

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