World’s Largest Bugatti Showroom Opens In Dubai

Bugatti Showroom Dubai

Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road is getting crowded with openings of greatest latest supercar showrooms. Lamborghini opened theirs a couple of weeks ago and Bentley also has their largest dealership not far from it. Bugatti is the newest to join them in the neighborhood. Not just any showroom this is the world’s largest Bugatti showroom – for a single car.

Newly opened Bugatti showroom has about 2,600 square feet of floor space to showcase their one model plus maybe one more pre-owned car. To compare showroom sizes, Lamborghini dealership is 10 times the size of Bugatti – they need all the space in the world to park their numerous models. The 13-foot grand entrance to the showroom is designed to resemble Chiron’s snout with Bugatti logo firmly attached to the top.

New Bugatti Chiron seems very popular and in demand in the Middle East region. Things are looking good for the brand and automaker has already received 30 orders from UAE alone. A limited edition, Bugatti plans to make only 500 example of it and at least 30 of them will now end up in the region. Not too bad given a Chiron costs a whopping $3 million.

The dealership in is run by Al Jaziri Motors, one of the largest auto dealers in Dubai. In addition Bugatti they also own Bentley and McLaren franchises, as well as other non-luxury and commercial auto brands. We don’t know for sure, but they probably serve champagne and chocolates to their well-heeled customers.

Source: Carscoops

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