World’s Most Expensive RV “EleMMent Palazzo” Arrives In Dubai

EleMMent Palazzo RV 1

When in Dubai, do as the Dabawis do and go camping in a luxury RV. Dubai is the place where you find extreme opulence and extravagance in the world – be it at the Burj Al Arab or the police force with a fleet of latest supercars. Latest addition to Dubai’s collection of luxuries is the world’s most expensive RV, this is a 40-foot long RV named EleMMent Palazzo that cost its new owner cool $3 million. Built by Austrian company Marchi Mobile, from a far it looks like a double decker alien spaceship with bug’s eyes.

Not a lot to write home about the exteriors other than how it looks, however interiors are made to fit the $3 million price tag. According to Marchi Mobile, its interiors are covered in gold. It also feature more than one bar and come equipped with a fully automatic liftable flybridge lounge. It also has a couch area that can be converted at night to stylish bar furniture with a push of a button. This RV is fully equipped to party all night in the desert.

EleMMent Palazzo RV 3

Luxury RV’s living quarters includes a comfortable master bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the second floor. Other highlights include a state of the art security system that you can control remotely via touch screen interface. It also boasts a sunroof, a fireplace and underfloor heating.CNN described the EleMMent as, “portable, push-button, pop-up rooftop terrace.” The state of the art extravagant RV is capable of cleaning itself like a cat, in the desert that itself is a luxury.

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Source: Marchi Mobile

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