Winch Design BBJ-1 – A Luxury “Flying Home” Masquerading As A Private Jet

Winch Design Custom BBJ-1 Interior

London-based Winch Design has a very important project going on in their backyard (maybe, not in the backyard). They are part of a team doing some fancy work on a Boring Business Jet 737 for an extremely wealthy individual. Winch Design made its name in the luxury yacht world by designing the exteriors and interiors – this made them experts of working with all things small spaces, including on 800 square-feet of cabin on a BBJ-1.

The full-service design studio is working to create the “flying home” owner of the jet wants for himself and his family. They are re-designing the cabin to accommodate 19 passengers in comfort in private areas. The family loves to invite visitors on their travels, especially the business guests, for this they have created private areas to entertain and have meetings as well.

Winch Design Custom BBJ-1 Interior

The main lounge area features a stowable dining area with seating for five people. A second casual seating area by the bar seat four people and feature a fold-away buffet counters that offer more flexibility for entertaining.

Winch Design Custom BBJ-1 Interior

There is a lot of luxury and style for the owner and his family to enjoy in the cabin including an art collection. Among the other extravagant finishes are the silver-flecked dark veneer, buttery cream leathers, accents in exotic shell materials, hand-stitched motifs and mother-of-pearl accessories.

Winch Design also added an electro-dimmable sliding-glass door in the back separates owner’s private space from rest of the cabin. This area furnished with oversized leather sofas features an office that can be used for entertaining and relaxing. Reconfiguration option allows for two double beds in the lounge area for guests.

The Winch Design BBJ-1 or Boeing Business Jet 737 is capable of flying non-stop at 540 mph (that’s a trip from London to Paris or New York to Washington DC in extreme luxury). If you want to travel in luxury like this, you have to have the ability to fork out about $90 million – the cost of the jet plus custom design from Winch Design and others.

Source: Robb Report

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