Demand For Volvo Rider Concept XC Coupe So Great It Crashes Website

Volvo Rider Concept XC Coupe

Volvo cars are selling like hot cakes online to the point – the demand crashed their website the other day – this should give Tesla pause for thought. This car is 100% more environmentally friendly, more so than any Tesla on market. This ladies and gentlemen, is the Volvo Rider, brand’s smallest coupe ever designed – in their latest design language. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out yet this is a kids’ car designed with 1-3 years old in mind.

The Volvo Rider is available in two models – XC Coupe Silver and Crash Test Orange. The Orange comes finished with authentic crash test markings. There is no better way to make little rascals lose their baby fat than giving their short pegs a good workout – this two-door is run by the power of legs. To compensate for all that manual labor, the car comes equipped with front and back LED lights, Hummer-like large wheels, a little big horn and an extra-large steering wheel with a start-stop button on the middle. There are also two instruments on the dashboard, they are just for show.

The price is the one and only reason for Volvo Rider website’s crash. High-end kid’s wheels usually cost thousands of dollars, though they come with more bells and whistles, and this little gem costs just €166.10 (about $175). Check out the gallery for a more up-close look.

Source: Volvo

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