Vilner Studio BMW 6-Series Coupe “Bullshark”

Earlier today was a big day at Vilner Studio in Bulgaria. They took the covers off of their newest and “biggest project” to date – a reworked BMW 6-Series Coupe they dubbed “Bullshark.”

Only thing Vilner left untouched of the BMW 6-Series was the doors and roof. The front end of the car noticeably looks more like an i8. Car sports 19-inch AC Schnitzer carbon fiber wheels, new mirrors and lower bumpers.

Redone interiors feature brown and beige accented upholstery and blue sprinkled belts and stitching. New upholstery is made from cowhide. The car also received a new audio system from Ground Zero with 11-speakers, two amplifiers, and a trunk-mounted subwoofer.

In addition to wheels, AC Schnitzer also supplied a new exhaust system and software optimization for V8 4.4 liter engine. The powered up engine now produces 370 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque. With the increased power Vilner BMW now goes from 0-62 mph in just 5.4 seconds, 2 seconds faster than the stock model. Its new top speed is 173 mph.

Vilner BMW 6-Series Bullshark 2 Vilner BMW 6-Series Bullshark 6 Vilner BMW 6-Series Bullshark 4 Vilner BMW 6-Series Bullshark 5 Vilner BMW 6-Series Bullshark 3

Source: Carscoops

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