Vilner Makeover For Hummer H2 With Chinese Dragon Motifs

Would you like to pimp your Hummer H2 with dragon motifs? Here is one example of how to pimp your flamboyant ride with an equally flamboyant makeover. Bulgarian tuner Vilner has transformed a Hummer H2 with Chinese dragon motifs inside and outside in bright yellow and black. Striking dragon style along with yellow and black colors is what the owner wanted and Vilner as always delivered what the customer asked for.

On the outside dragon is painted in black against yellow body paint of the Hummer on the hood and on the passenger side. Exteriors also feature 26-inch alloy wheels and chrome details on the door handles, front grille, front and rear bumpers, wheel arches, taillights, and mirrors. There is no way to escape the

dragon motif, inside it is everywhere on seats, roof and on the leather-wrapped door handles. Other interior highlights include yellow and black Alcantara seats with yellow stitching, yellow seat belts and the yellow background of the instrument panel.

Source: CarBuzz and Vilner

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