Jet Black Velvet-Wrapped Maserati Ghibli Spotted In Monaco

Velvet-Wrapped Maserati Ghibli

Some think velvet car wraps are rain and snow proof, for some others that is not the case. Anyway, wrapping four wheelers in velvet is a thing these days, even though it is rare to see them on luxury and super cars. This particular jet black velvet-wrapped Maserati Ghibli with Italian plates has been seen in Monaco sometime last month.

A high-end velvet wrap is said to feature self-adhesive surfaces. They can be used to cover a vehicle partially or fully and they available in a host of attractive colors. However, the owner of this Maserati went with black, covered in full including the grille, window frames, and wheels. To brighten things up they added a bit of gold trim. And the end result is absolutely stunning.

Velvet-Wrapped Maserati Ghibli

As many have noticed, these days Maseratis are everywhere, mainly because of the new models Ghibli sedan and Levant crossover – a bit affordable than other exotic cars. So to make your car stand out in the crowded supercar world it needs something special – velvet wrap gives it that little something.

This isn’t the first car to get wrapped in velvet by any means. There are so many automobile aftermarket dealers doing it for a while now. Other luxury and supercars cars to get the velvet treatment include a Ferrari 599, a Porsche Panamera and a Rolls-Royce Phantom DHC. Personally, I would love to run my fingers over this neatly brushed velvet and make a mess of it!


Source: Carscoops

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