Ural Gear Up Motorcycle Goes Off-Roading With The Sportsman Package Collection

Ural Sportsman Package

Thinking about upgrading your beloved Ural Gear Up Motorcycle? Ural has made life a bit easier for you about getting a new bike. They have prepped the existing Gear Up a lot with the new Sportsman Package and making it perfect motorcycle for off-road camping. To make sure everything works perfect Ural took over Camp Wandewega in Wisconsin for an action packed weekend and test driven the Sportsman Package. What they have found out was it is good to go anywhere off-roading in any season from thick and muddy woods to a ride in the snow.

Ural Sportsman Package

The Sportsman Package include everything from a $200 dual LED fog lights on the sidecar to a $370 waterproof seat and side car covers. Other optional features include powder coated $1,000 custom “Forest Fog” paint; full ceramic undercoating for the sidecar and all 3 fenders ($600); blacked out engine, gearbox and drive train ($1,000); single high visibility headlight ($135) and a rear sidecar bumper with a $190 price tag. So if you want all these bells and whistles it is going to cost you an additional $3,495 on top of $15,999 base price of the Ural Gear Up Motorcycle.

Ural Sportsman Package

Technical specifications of the Sportsman is similar to the standard Gear Up. It is powered by an air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke 750-cc flat-twin engine with 41 horsepower and 42 lb-feet of torque. It comes equipped with a reverse gear mechanism that helps maneuvering with the sidecar lot more manageable. For the almost $20,000 price tag you also get a 2-year mileage warranty and for an extra $850 you can go for the 3-year extended warranty.

Ural Sportsman Package Ural Sportsman Package Ural Sportsman Package Ural Sportsman Package

Source: Ural Motorcycles

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