Toyota To Bring A Camatte Petta And A Mini Driving School To Tokyo Toy Show

Toyota Camatte Petta Roadster Concept 2017

Japanese kids who plan to tag along parents, pesky siblings and other family members to this year’s International Tokyo Toy Show now have something funtastic to look forward to. Eager to impress their future customer base, automaker Toyota is planning to give young toy show visitors a real-life, hands-on driving experience.

Toyota Camatte Petta Roadster Concept 2017

At the on-site mini driving school, named Camatte, kids stand to learn among other things to use the throttle, brake, and steering on a simulator. Afterwards, they can test their newly learned skills at the specially built Camatte School test track set up inside the Toyota booth. For the occasion, Toyota will have a roadster, the Camatte Petta – the latest addition to Camatte line-up. Automaker first brought a Camatte concept car to the show five years ago in 2012, by the looks of it, they plan to continue to bring updated versions in the coming years as well.

Toyota Camatte Petta Roadster Concept 2017

It is not just learning and driving the car Toyota gives you. Kids will get to decorate it to their liking before the drive. They can customize the panel designs, and add magnetic decals to the body. Once the car is decorated to his/her liking, they are ready to put the pedal to the metal. At the completion of the Camatte Petta challenge, freshly minted graduates will receive their Toyota Camatte “driver’s license” with photo. The idea behind this is to give children the opportunity to experience the process of obtaining a driving license.

There is also a separate program for kids not yet tall enough or too young to enjoy the full Camatte experience. Using a driving simulator they too get to learn to operate a car. Then they get to sit in 2013 Camatte 57 Concept car – no driving. They too get to take home a license – a “provisional” version.

Source: Toyota

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