Stunning Matte White Lexus LF-SA Concept Unveiled At Milan Design Week

Matte White Lexus

As far as concepts go, this all new Matte White Lexus LF-SA Concept is very impressive. Use as many adjectives as possible to describe this beauty – stunning, bold, brilliant and how about amazing. They all perfectly describe what this car is all about from the outside. Introduced last week at the Milan Design Week, this concept car was part of Lexus’ three zone exhibition titled “Lexus – A Journey of the Senses” designed by French designer Philippe Nigro. Each zone used five senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting in different ways to express themselves in car making.

The first zone dedicated to the art of car making and design is responsible for the Matte White Lexus. Designed by Lexus’ Europe-based design studio, ED2 , to create this effect they have used special mirrors that generate unexpected reflections and lighting to create a flow of motion stimulating the imagination.

Matte White Lexus

Philippe Nigro said “When I visited Lexus plants to see how the cars are designed and built, I was greatly impressed by how much care goes into not just the exteriors, but also into the invisible internal details. It was this insight that led me to the ‘Inside-Out’ design concept that enables visitors to experience beauty from every angle.”

Revealing design secrets is not something major corporations habitually do. Lexus however made an exception for the Milan Design Week to allow its visitors a rare look into design concepts through the eye-catching Matte White Lexus.

Matte White Lexus


Source: Lexus

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