S-Works McLaren Tarmac – A Limited Edition Bicycle With A $20,000 Price Tag

S-Works McLaren Tarmac 1

Specialized, the US bicycle manufacturer has once again teamed up with the British automobile maker McLaren to create a new high-tech bike. Three years earlier in 2011 two companies combined their expertise to build the S-Works + McLaren Venge, which they described as the “fastest complete performance bike in the world”. Their latest creation, the “S-Works McLaren Tarmac” is based on Specialized’s new S-Works Tarmac bicycle.

The main difference between two Tarmac versions is the use of McLaren developed new carbon fiber layup process. Result of using this process is a bike that is up to 11 percent lighter than the original Tarmac, but with same high performance. Use of CLX40R tubular wheel set, reduced spokes, carbon fiber seat post and crankset spider also helped in reducing more weight. Through its ceramic-coated bearings in the hubs and crankset, they also managed to decrease friction.

S-Works McLaren Tarmac 2

According to McLaren composite design engineer Joe Marsh, “The new S-Works Tarmac was already a very, very efficient structure to start with, and in some ways this was a much tougher challenge than the Venge we worked on.”

With its $20,000 price tag, the high-tech bike is on its way to make a big hole in your pocket. For that price you also receive few more extras – a fitting session, bespoke color-matched helmet and road shoes and a custom-made nameplate. Limited to just 250 numbered units, Specialized is taking reservations throughout July or while S-Works McLaren Tarmac’s availability lasts.

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Source: Specialized

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