Rolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupé Exclusively For Dubai!

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Luxury carmakers trip over each other to make special editions, limited editions, ultra-specials editions for the Chinese and UAE markets. Sadly, they hardly think about releasing one-offs for the Indian market – after all India has their fair share of billionaires and millionaires. However, British automaker Rolls-Royce decided to cash in on the former golden days of the British Raj and their association with Indian royalty by unveiling Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupé edition, exclusively for Dubai (India?!)

According to Rolls-Royce, a relationship that spanned over five decades over 100 years ago Maharajas and princes of India bought 840 RR’s. This allowed the car to claim the “Best Car in the World” title, synonymous for luxury, design and engineering. Rolls-Royce plans to create a series of cars inspired by Maharaja’s vehicles, the Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupé is the first from that collection.

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Exteriors of the Maharaja Phantom Drophead painted in Carrara White features in Emerald Green an emblem of Peacock, the national bird of India. The same Emerald Green is used in the interiors of the car as well, accenting the door panels, steering wheel and the dash board. Beautiful color scheme continues with the use of Crème Light for leather.

Interiors also feature embroidered Peacock emblem in Emerald Green and Cobalto blue on headrests. Further decorations are added by way of peacock feather pattern in seashell stitching on the side and central armrests. Beautiful marquetry work is used to adorn the arm rests and dash board. To top it all off it comes with a Deep Green hood that retracts to reveal the beauty and elegance hidden under it.

“Dubai is the only market in the world to receive this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind Bespoke Phantom Drophead Coupé, which has been two years in the making – not only an incredible coup for us, but also a strong reflection of the importance that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars places on this market,” said Osman Abdelmoneim, General Manager at AGMC.

Ever though the Maharaja Phantom Drophead is released exclusively in Dubai, Rolls-Royce’s target market segment seems to be the expatriate Indian community in the UAE. Rolls-Royce have not released important information such as engine specifications, pricing and the release date.

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Source: Autoblog

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