Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Painted With 1,000 Crushed Diamonds Arrives At Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Crushed Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend or it could be a boy’s best friend too, at least in this case. Rolls-Royce brought to the Geneva Motor Show a date, with permission from the owner, Elegance, full of razzle and dazzle. The Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance is a one-off luxury car commissioned by an individual collector. The uniqueness of this car lies in its paint finish – a special paint made from 1,000 crushed diamonds, named “Diamond Stardust”.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Crushed Diamonds

It took Rolls-Royce’s paint specialists two months of testing to get the combination right. Testing included getting the size of crushed diamond powder right, so they can be mixed easily with the clear paint to apply evenly over the car’s body, and at the same time making sure diamonds are undetectable to the touch. To protect fine diamond powder during the hand-polishing process, they applied an extra layer of lacquer, a new paint process developed by the team.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance Crushed Diamonds

The diamond-infused paint is applied to the top section of the bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost Elegance, making sure the car’s twinkle and sparkle can be recognized even from a distance. In addition to the diamond paint, its flanks are accented with Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines. Other exterior decorations include flanks accented with Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines and hand-painted Mugello Red pinstripe on 21-inch wheels.

The elegantly decorated interiors feature black leather seats with accents of Mugello Red stitching on the doors, and piping on the seats. The interior black theme continued with carpets, lambswool footmats and Turdor Oak veneer dashboard. Maybe the owner is Scottish, the inner pockets of rear doors are lined with owner’s favorite material – Grey, Black and Red Tartan.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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